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059 What Is The Siemens Mindsphere IoT Platform?
058 Guitars And Data Live Stream
057 Introducing The Plumbers Medium Publication
056 NoSQL Key Value Stores Explained With HBase
055 Data Warehouse vs Data Lake
054 How to Market Yourself in 2019 Student or Professional
053 The Data Science Depression Is Coming? What You Can Do
052 My Data Engineering Cookbook Explained
051 5 Books To Buy As A Data Engineer & My Buying Strategy
050 Data Engineer Scientist or Analyst Which One Is For You?
049 I Found A REAL Use For Blockchain!! NOT
048 From Wannabe Data Scientist To Engineer; My Journey
047 The Truth About Data Science Salary For Graduates
046 How To Use GitHub for LaTeX Version Control
045 Why I Use LaTeX to Write Professionally And You Should Too
044 How to Increase Your Chances for Internships or a Full-time Job
043 Tesla's Awesome Data Culture and IBM Buys RedHat
042 How To Get Great Audio & Video For Your Podcast
041 Agile Development Is Important But Please Don't Do Scrum
040 Huge Big Data News! Cloudera & Hortonworks Merge
039 Is ETL Dead For Data Science & Big Data?
038 Morning Advice to Beginners (Q&A Session)
037 How To Boost Teamwork With Version Control
036 Why Distributed Processing Is Super Important
035 Learning By Doing Is The Best Thing Ever!
034 Talent Stacks For Data Engineers
033 How APIs Rule The World
032 How to Design Security Zones and Lambda Architecture
031 IT Networking Infrastructure and Linux
030 Why the hardware and the GPU is super important
030 A New Mission!
029 The 4 Vs Of Big Data Are Enough!
028 Why Companies Need Data Scientists & Engineers
027 What You Need To Know About Data Engineering
026 I'm a Data Engineer and it's Super Awesome!
025 BI vs Data Science vs Big Data
024 How Much Big Data Do Data Scientists Need?
023 Working With Time Series Data And Missing Values
022 The Cloud is Safer Then Your On-Premise
021 Hadoop For Data Scientists A Introduction
020 Three Methods of Streaming Data
019 DS Office Hours Nr. 3
018 NoSQL Vs SQL How To Choose
017 Creating A Gaming-AI-Bot
016 Loosing $$ With Data Science
015 Swish Swedens Awesome Fintech
014 Data Science Office Hours
013 Gartner's Hype Cycle Explained
012 How to Show That ML & AI Works
011 Analytics on Edge Devices
010 Dirty Data, Unicorn Scientists
009 BigData & Catastrophic Success
008 Doing Machine Learning In Production
007 Data Science VS Big Data
006 Agriculture & Data Science
005 Data Science Preventing Insurance Fraud
004 How Data Transforms Healthcare
003 Learn Data Science Go Docker!
002 Measure Everything
001 Prime Video, Tesla & Comma.ai

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