Three Fire Podcasts About Data Engineering

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I am always trying to advance my podcasting skills. That's why I started to move away from recording my Plumbers of Data Science podcasts while driving, to recording at home.

This helps improve the quality of the podcasts. Not just for audio, but now I can also show you what I rant on about on YouTube.

The podcast direction is doing regularly Q&As and diving into specific topics.

Send me your questions on Twitter #PlumbersofDS or @andreaskayy

There are already 40 episodes online.

Check out my Podcast page where you find the links to all platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, YouTube and many more: Link

Huge Big Data News! Cloudera & Hortonworks Merge | PoDS #040

I use Cloudera distributions of Hadoop for many years. Super happy!

Last week they announced that Cloudera is merging with it's biggest competitor. Hortonworks.

In this podcast I show you what these companies are up to. And why it is so helpful for system admins and data engineers, building pipelines.

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Is ETL Dead For Data Science & Big Data? | PoDS #039

I recently go a lot of questions from people regarding ETL (Extract, Transform, Load).

Because of all the distributed processing hype you might also ask yourself: Is the tried and true way of processing data still relevant?

Yes it is! In this podcast I answer questions about why.

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Morning Advice to beginner Data Scientists & Data Engineers

The first Podcast in this new series of home recordings. I talk about many more general questions about data engineering and big data.

What's the difference between Data Scientists & Data Analysts? What to do to find internships or a full time job?

Data Scientist and Engineer in large and small companies where's the difference? Are Data Engineers generalists or specialists?

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