Andreas is a Big Data professional, building Data Science platforms that process and analyse insane amounts of data every day.

Andreas currently works on the ODiN platform, where predictive maintenance delivers precious insight to hundreds of customers all around the world.

Andreas mission is to show you how data science is done in the real world. Showcasing tools, techniques and whole applications where data makes all the difference.

Andreas is writing blog posts and filming the Dailykayy, his daily show on YouTube and podcast on Anchor.

Andreas was born in Lohr am Main Germany. The home of Snow white. Seriously 😉

He got hooked on computers in the 90s. After Experiencing Monkey Island and Flight Simulator on his father’s 386. Never had his own SNES but loved playing Mario Cart with friends.

Andreas did an apprenticeship at Bosch Rexroth at age 16, as one of the first Mechatronics apprentices in Germany.

Then, working in the service department where he moved from repairs into a temporary role as system admin. Helping colleges with their daily computer problems.

After a short time at the German military duty he decided to completely follow his passion of computer sciences.

Andreas did a two year long, full time, sub univeristy degree as a state certified computer science technician. Through many school projects he gained invaluable experience in computer sciences.

Website design & coding, SQL database design and management, object oriented coding experience with C++ and Java, as well as Cisco CCNA networking courses.

This knowledge turned out to be the foundation for his later big data work.

Andreas then decided to advance the academic route. He studied applied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Majoring in distributed processing and Embedded Systems.

His diploma thesis was about:

Throughout these years Andreas worked in a network infrastructure team within Bosch as a side hustle.

Andreas joined Salt Solutions AG after University. As a SAP junior consultant / developer he was working on implementing new functions and interfaces for machine execution systems. Helping customers optimize their production systems and processes.
Andreas joined Bosch Rexroth 2012 to create the scalable IoT platform for predictive maintenance from the ground up. The Online Diagnostics Network ODiN.

Andreas is today the team lead for the ODiN platform and the link between the data scientists and the data engineering.

Working with big data tools like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and others is his daily business.

Andreas writes Spark streaming jobs that run for thousands of hours, is responsible for cloud infrastructure, UI and API design & development.

Andreas started this blog in 2016 as a helper how to build Internet of things platforms and solutions. Hence the name iotdonequick.

He is going to rename the blog to in the future.

Staggered by the feedback from the community Andreas decided to start the Dailykayy and kick the blog into high gear. Andreas currently films one video a day on his drive to and from work.

The Dailykayy vlog is available on YouTube, as a podcast or text, here and on social media. LinkedIn is currently his biggest presence with over 6.000 followers.