My Favourite Reads of Week 44

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1 I Got Scammed By A Silicon Valley Startup

Meet Penny Kim, a marketing professional from Dallas who moved to the Valley, looking for a bright future. What she found was a dark net of deception, lies and forgery. All the ingredients that would make a great telenovela.

Read her full story on Medium

2 The nuts and bolts of Airbnb’s big data infrastructure

A data driven culture helps Airbnb to use data as a key input for decision making. And they have a lot of data, currently over 11 petabytes. Running a big data infrastructure like that is a lot of work. This Airbnb engineering blog post gives insight into their philosophy, data infrastructure as well as findings and best practices for running a Hadoop cluster.

Read the Airbnbeng blog.

3 Big data helps Twitch boost game creator success

Twitch is collecting and analysing a lot of data from game streams. Because of this data they found out that Twitch can have a high influence on game sales and player retention. Supposedly the game creator is playing his cards right. Who said that watching someone play a video game is absolutely useless? 😉

Find out what Twitch is able to measure exactly.

4 Scientists Hook Up Brain to Tablet

My first reaction to this story was kind of: WTF? Making a Bluetooth prosthetic that translates brain waves into Nexus 9 inputs. Sounds very Star Trek. Will this be the future?

Read the full story on


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