My Favourite Reads of Week 43

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1 How to learn anything within 20 hours

Learning big data or data science might seem difficult. It will take forever to get good. Actually this isn’t true. Josh Kaufmann thinks otherwise and I agree. You can get reasonably good at anything within 20 hours of focused training. Watch his TEDx talk on Youtube.

2 Key trends in machine learning and AI

We can expect a lot from machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the next years. ML  and AI will turn every application into an intelligent one. This TechCrunch article reveals key-trends about what is coming.

3 Free Ebooks for data science and big data

Learning more about big data and data science does not need to be expensive. There is a nice list of helpful free books on KDNuggets. Check out the free ebooks!

4 Are all IoT security questions reasonably answered?

Last week’s outage of Facebook, Spotify, Twitter and other sites was caused by an internet of things (IoT) btonnet. The attack raises the questions about security of IoT devices and IoT communication. Read more at and

5 The new era of GPU deep learning

Artificial intelligence enters a new era because of GPU processing. Nvidia CIO Jen-Hsun Huang’s guest blog at Data Science Central is a must read in my opinion. He is writing about how Nvidia’s hardware is driving this deep learning revolution. Read at Data Science Central 

6 What is your viral loop?

From writing a blog like me to developing a product. Projects that go viral will win. In his blog Andrew Chen wrote an excellent blog post about how to create your viral loop:

7 Kinetica DB

I stumbled upon the Kinetica database, which I never heard of. They say it is a “GPU-accelerated database for real-time analysis of large and streaming datasets”. I find the concept of GPU accelerated analysis very appealing.

8 The Hemingway App

Are you writing a science paper, a thesis or a blog like me? Are you struggling to write content that is bold and clear? I surely do. The Hemingway app will help you to increase the readability of your texts. Just copy in your text and find out where you can improve your writing. Try it yourself, its free!

9 You should read a book a day!

Last week I told you I read a lot. You should too! Here’s a TEDx talk from Tai Lopez why you should read a book a day. Don’t think it is possible? Tai also explains how to read a book a day in this video (starts at 3:36). It works for me and I think it will work for you too.

10 It’s 2016, why are we still going to the office?

Wouldn’t it be great to work full time from home? As a father of a four month old daughter I would love that. Saving 45 minutes of commute every day alone would help a lot. The good news is, that some companies worldwide are going 100% remote today. Here’s how they are making it happen.


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  1. Number 7, look into competing companies. Kinetica isn’t the only one in the space and certainly not the best one in the space.

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment Daniel. It would be great if you share some information about the other companies and maybe why you like their solutions better?

      Thanks a lot!

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