Stop Wasting Time on Mobile Apps! Sell Your IoT Product in 4 Easy Steps

Figure out the business model and then later create a mobile app. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

Believe it or not creating an app first is one of the most common mistakes that are done creating IoT products. I have seen it, a lot of times, and believe me it’s a complete waste of time.

Mobile apps are good for showing off to the management. That’s the simple reason a lot of people do it in the early stages of development. To generate attention for their product or get credit for their work. “Hey look you can change this from the app on your phone”. “You can check if that is active from the app”. The management usually likes it but that does not mean that your product will be a success or even get you the proper funding.

What you end up with is an app that nobody will ever use. It will be just a useless app for showing off.

Work on how to sell your product

What you have to do instead is figure out how to make money with your solution. Simple as that. Ask yourself the following questions:

1) What services do I want to create

2) If I create a physical product how would I realise the connectivity to support those services

3) How could I sell the individual services

4) What would the business models be, to sell combinations of that services together with the hardware product

Another thing. If you are working inside a big company you also have to factor in that you will not be selling your product yourself. It will be sold by sales people around the world who need to like it. They also need to understand, use and adapt your business model to combine it with some existing ones. Because while a business model works in some countries it might not work in other ones. For more about business models check out this post about 4 of the most important IoT business model patterns.

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